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January 27, 2005

Before Start make sure you enable
Active X in Internet Explorer:

- Open Tools > Internet Options

-Click on "Security"

- Click on "Custom Level". Under "ActiveX controls and plug-ins", "Download signed ActiveX Controls", select "Enable" or "Prompt" if u prefer to be notified everytime u download any ActiveX controls.


1) Download the program HERE and install it (duh)

2) Go to our clubbox HERE (it should be similar to this

3) (1) Check off the boxes which correspond to the item
you want to download.
(2) Click the light blue "download" button

4)A new window will pop up

5) And you'll click

6) Now if you installed the program from step 1 correctly, this window should dissappear on its own very quickly, (at most 5 seconds) if it stays there, you need to activate Active-X. Just click on that "Active-X Control" bar that appears and then just click on "install" and then you will get that "Yes and No" pop-up, just click on "YES". Then download what exe file from the next pop up window.

7)At this point the downloading program will pop up

Credits to: JianDan[Ai] @ and to Wendy @ Wendy's Clubbox tutorial
Clubbox tutorial plus FAQ HERE

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