August 22, 2005

English||Aug 22, 2005:

-Super double ch1
-Super double ch2
-Paraphrase ch1
-Kamisama no Ude vol1 ch2


Four days to our bday *v*, four years of porn ::cough cough:: I'm mean, four years of sharing mangas for open minded people :D ::(whispers) how's that, I bet they all bought it, where's my PlayGirl again?? (whispers)::

Soooo since sharing is caring XD, be ready because we'll be releasing mangas and mangas and..more mangas and drama cds XD (you thought I was going to say mangas), yeh some drama cds too :D; every day for a 5 days, so move you fingers and run to IRC, for those who HATE; I mean...who dislike IRC, we'll post a torrent with all our releases this friday afternoon HERE ; thanks to JKTrack for providing us their tracker ^-^ ::pets::

Well, you must be wondering, well duh then what's the surprise, 'cause mangas and more mangas geez?...

>D You...just stay tunned and learn ::wiggles her eyebrows::

ps:You better like the new aniversary layout :( we did our best, ok? (it's a free host what did you expect!)

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