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August 08, 2005

English||Aug 8, 2005:

-Azrael ch2;
-Boku no sukina sensei v4 ch1;
-Loveless v1 ch1 [HQ];
-Mahou neko leon[special_lesson]

As you must notice is no more, because our website was completly deleted and without any previous notice by our old host, so we'll be using this one till our treasurer (Seles) returns (she had a car crash and spent a month recovering). Now, is that going to stop us or affect in anyway our releases, hell no. So don't panic ^-^

Remember also our 4 year aniversary is coming so we are preparing a big surprise for all of you.

We need japanese translators: no kanji knowledge required, only a dictionary and furigana/katakana :D drop us a line to

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