New releases + Torrents, help seeding!
August 15, 2005

English||Aug 15, 2005:

-Hanon ch1a
-Yaizu brothers fucking cool v2 ch5
-Okome chan ch3 ||Fixed page here
-Shippo no kimochi ch6

(Please do yourself a favour and DOWNLOAD HANON NOW! >w< !!!)

The torrent with our new releases is available now, :D so we hope you help us seeding, for those who hate BiTtorrent(no clue why) you can also get our releases through Irc

In other news XD we are still uploading the covers of our projects and writing their reviews, so please be patient T-T they are over a hundred...and we are so few~

Remember also our 4 year aniversary is coming (August 26th) so we are preparing a big surprise for all of you.

We need japanese translators: no kanji knowledge required, only a dictionary and furigana/katakana :D drop us a line to

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