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October 10, 2005

English|| Oct 10th, 2005:

-Loveless vol1 ch3[HQ]
-Combination vol 1 ch3[HQ]
-Earthian Bunko vol1 ch4[HQ]
-Azrael ch4
*Forum *in a couple hours*

EspaƱol|| Oct 10, 2005:

-Because he is my dear sweetheart ch1
-Itsuka Sukida to Itte ch01
-Loveless vol1 ch1[HQ]
-Super Double vol1 ch1
*Foro(en unas horas)

We still don't have a new tracker to host our releases :( , so sorry for delay we'll try to get a new one tonight, if we can't <._.> then...

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