And Clubbox arrived to Obsession!
December 27, 2005

We are currently trying to use another experimental method of sharing our files, due to the fact that many people complained about the servers we use to upload our releases and about the speed of our torrents. This method is CLUBBOX.

Clubbox is a free service which allow users to upload and download files off their server, the only problem is that the server is Korean so it makes a lil bit dificult the registration process. But no worries we have illustrations that explain each step so you don't get lost ^-^

Clubbox also rewards you if you download several files by giving you points, if you reach 2000 points or more, they'll give you extra speed to download, that is to say if you normaly download at 30kb plus the extra speed you can easily reach over 160 kbs. Now, the only 2 problems with clubbox are:

1)That they also punish you if you don't have enough traffic meaning: they will delete the files after 10 days if 10 people don't download them.
2)It only works with internet explorer (as far as I know)

Still, we are currently uploading all our finished mangas into our account plus the artbooks, and if it works we'll upload all the rest. After all we have 100 free gigas to spend ;)

Wanna learn how to join? Read THIS
Wanna learn how to use clubbox? Read THIS
Wanna download clubbox? HERE
Clubbox search engine HERE (thousands of doramas, videos, OSTs and movies are available as well)

All our completed mangas, plus all the one shots, plus all the doujinshis are available right now in our clubbox ^^ happy leeching!

Written by Mayu Kawaii @ 4:59 PM, 3 comment

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