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January 30, 2006


-The sky over my spectacles ch01
-Ma Cherie[shota]
-Adieu Gankutsuou DJ
-Warera no mizu wa doko ni aru ch01
-Azrael extra[end]


-Bokudake no ousama ch01
-Earthian vol1 ch2
-Adieu Gankutsuou DJ

We need chinese translators and korean translators email us: f4.obsession@gmail.com

I uploaded again Bishounen no Koi to our clubbox for if you don't have it yet, plus all our new releases and some Death Note doujinshi Game and the game 'Gigolo' ^-^ so go and leech!

Our clubbox: http://clubbox.co.kr/obsesion
Tutorial: @ Forum

Ps: For those who are having trouble with megaupload please check our Forum ;D

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