M A N I C M O N D A Y~
February 20, 2006

-Poe no ichizoku ch01b
-Rakuen no torikago ch03
-Oh my maid ch04
-Syatei hani v1 ch02

-Paraphrase ch02
-Oh my maid ch01
-Mi querido profesor v02 ch01

-[BL game]Shounentachi no Byoutou *pr0n game good stuff XD*
-[BL game]Toiganunochi *pr0n game good stuff XD*
-[Series]Goong episode 1-3
-[Series]Yasha episode 7
-[Manga]Menkui (complete)

[About to be deleted]
-Brokeback mountain
-Kinbaku Ouji(Death Note Dj Game)
-Kiss of Fire artbook (Youka Nitta)
-Loveless artbook Your eyes only (Yun Kouga)
-Nobuta wo Produce

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