Independence day - Dia de la independencia
March 05, 2006

Today we celebrate Obsession's Indenpendence Day. It has been a year of working with "worthy people", thanks to them we finally reached our goal: more releases, more happiness and no complains. So everyone...let's celebrate!!!

Mark your calendar you leechers, today we party all night long!

In other news, the forum is back ,with a new and crappy layout -but is back- (yay?).


Hoy celebramos nuestro día de la Independencia. Hoy se cumple un año de trabajar con gente 'realmente valiosa', gracias a ellos finalmente alcanzamos nuestro objetivo: más releases, más alegrias y nada de quejas. Asi que todos...a celebrar!!!!

En otras noticias, el foro esta de vuelta XD; mas feo que nunca pero -esta de vuelta-



-Bokura wo shihaisuru kotoba ch02
-Hashire Oujisama ch04
-Hashire Oujisama ch05
-Hashire Oujisama ch06[END]
-Irokoi v01 ch04
-Stop goshujinsama ch02
-lilly malren (1 shot)


-Elle to takara ch03
-Earthian ch03
-Bokudake no ousama ch02


[Series]The Rose Dvd rmvb 1-26 (complete) *no subs*


Another thing:

We have no problem at all if you want to upload samples of our releases to yaoi daily but if we caught any of you uploading more than 15 pages of any of our mangas we are gonna close the forum again and this time we'll keep it that way.

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