Sunday again~~
April 30, 2006


-Loveless v4 ch7
-Mix Mix Chocolate ch1
-Mix Mix Chocolate ch2
-Warera no mizu wa doko ni aru ch2


-LSD v01 ch03
-Petshop v06 ch03b
-Petshop v06 ch04extra


-[Anime]Gestalt ova 01
-[Anime]Princess Princess ep03
-[Anime]Jyu Oh Sei ep1
-[Anime]Gakuen Heaven ep2
-[Anime]Sentou Josei Yukikaze ova 01

About Gestalt:
Based on the manga Gestalt by Yun Kouga

Hmm, there's this demon girl who is in fact a boy and there's this priest who is looking for him and...whatever, shounen ai.

About Sentou Josei Yukikaze:
Based on the novel Yukikaze by Chohei Kanbayashi

So Chohei Kanbayashi writes this famous novel about a pilot who is in love with his ship (yeh...) but also he has this jealous boyfriend of his and...village people rulez.

About Jyu Oh Sei:
Based on the manga by Natsumi Itsuki

There's this pair of pampered twins who are sent to this world and have to kill...pretty much everything they find to survive, and there's this hot guy called Karim and I wanna do nasty things to his body... watch it, dammit! (note: ignore the retarded girl on this show, or imagine she's a guy...well she doesn't look like a girl anyway poor bi***)

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