Sunday Funday~~
April 23, 2006

We need editors and chinese, korean and japanese translators, email us:


-Bokura wo shihaisuru kotoba ch03
-Kamisama no ude no naka de v02 ch01
-Kimi ni wa katenai v01 [extra]
-Loveless v04 ch06


-Mi querido profesor v02 ch04
-Loveless v03 ch04
-Oh my maid ch4


-[Series]Bump off lover ep 2
-[Subtitles]Bump off lover ep 2
-[Anime]Ouran High School Host Club ep02
-[Anime]Ouran High School Host Club ep03
-[Anime]Princess Princess ep02

//Deleted in a couple hours for lack of leechers//

-[Drama CD]Ouran High School Host Club drama cd 1-3
-[Anime]Gakuen Heaven ep 1
-[Anime]Meine Liebe Wieder ep 1-2
-[Manga]Earthian vol 1
-[Doujinshis]All of them

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