Merry X'mas
December 24, 2006

The Obsession Team wishes you all a Merry X'mas.
Sorry again for the layout thing =D;;;;


- Fan v01 ch05 (one shot)
- Kimi ni wa katenai v03 ch05 (one shot)
- Ura binan - Christmas cookies (one shot)
- X-kiss (one shot)


- Beware of the rival ch01
- Boy princess v05 ch06
- Donut letter ch01
- Irokoi_v01 ch06 (extra)
- Jazz v02 ch03
- Not so bad v01 ch08
- Boy princess v05 ch06b

Feliz navidad, feliz navidaad, feliz navidad prospero año y felicidad... I wanna wish you a merry x'mas, I wanna wish you a merry X'mas...

Written by Mayu Kawaii @ 11:40 AM, 8 comment

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