Releases 17-12
December 17, 2006


Here you have todays releases...BUT... we had a problem with turboupload, so we uploaded links to Yousendit and Megaupload, PLEASE if you can download form megaupload *dont* use YSI links ;0; so others can use them...thanks :D;;

- Combination v02 ch03b YSI Mega
- Warera no Mizu wa Doko ni Aru ch05 YSI Mega
- Tenshi no Tamago-ryouri ch04 YSI Mega
- Natsuyasumi ch03 YSI Mega

Ahora en espaƱol, como tuvimos problemas con turboupload hemos subido las cosas a Yousendit, esperamos que de momento sea suficiente, luego cuando podamos ya los resubiremos a turboupload ^^, y sin mas dilacion, lo de hoy:

- Bokudake no Ousama ch08 (fin) YSI
- Passion v03 ch03b YSI
- Irokoi v01 ch05 YSI
- Dost Thou Know ch04b (fin) YSI
- Boy princess v05 ch06a YSI

EDITED: NOW you can find turboupload links in the forum :D AHORA ya podeis encontrar links de turboupload en el foro~~

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