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January 21, 2007


-Friends like a lover c6(end)
-Not/love ch4(end)
-Syatei hani v1c3
-Boku no kawaii hito ch1


-Boy princess v6ch5
-Kitsune no tama yobai v1ch1c
-Loveless v5ch2
-Mi querido profesor v3c6
-Passion v3c4

1. We still need lots of editors email us

2. We need a CHINESE TRANSLATOR *only* for the manga HARD LINE email us:

3. Since Mayu is still very tired...We don't have a new layout yet, so if you are willing and wanna make one for us send it over :B We'll use all the layouts we recieve :D

4. Necesitamos editoras(es) con experiencia en photoshop (en lo posible) envianos un mail a

5. If you wanna post shounen ai/yaoi pics..go to our image forum HERE

Happy leeching!

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