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February 11, 2007


- Boku no suki na sensei v05 ch01b
- Complex v02 ch04
- Natsuyasumi ch04
- Tenshi wo kudasai v01 ch07


- Because he is my dear sweetheart ch04 (fin)
- Boy princess v07 ch01
- Loveless v05 ch05
- Not so bad v02 ch02
- White black ch03
- White black ch04


We need need:

-Editors (photoshop needed)
-Chinese translators
-Japanese translators
-Scanners for Elle to Takara vol 3
-Scanners for Hard line vol 3 onwards

-Editores (que tengan photoshop)


Note: thanks to evie for her beautiful layout we'll change this one for yours ASAP

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