August 08, 2005

Bittorent Releases::English and/y Español

Releases will be seeded as long as YOU seed ^-^::Nuestros lanzamientos estarán disponibles mientras ayudes a seedear

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-Menkui[Manga of the month]

-Loveless Artbook - For you eyes only [Scanned by terminal_insanity]

-Obsession Releases August 8, 2005

Releases in English:
-Azrael ch2;
-Boku no sukina sensei v4 ch1;
-Loveless v1 ch1 [HQ];
-Mahou neko leon[special_lesson]

Releases in Spanish:
-Bucchouzura ni Koi Shite ch7
-Eerie Querie vol2 ch1
-Nighcap ch6
-Yaizu Brothers Fucking Cool vol1 ch4

-Obsession Releases August 16, 2005

Releases in English:
-Hanon ch1a
-Yaizu brothers fucking cool v2 ch5
-Okome chan ch3
-Shippo no kimochi ch6

Releases in Spanish:
-Bucchouzura ni Koi Shite ch8
-Boku no sukina sensei v1 ch2
-Tenshi wo kudasai v1 ch3
-One two three ch2

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